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We exceed at lending!

Veteran House Loans.com
Your One-Stop VA Loan Loan Shop

Want a competitive mortgage loan in a quick professional manner?   Then Veteran House Loans.com is the answer.  We will ensure you get a solid mortgage loan at a great price.

Purchase Loans

Buying a house?  We are here to ensure your Veterans Purchase Mortgage is the right loan to meet your individual circumstances.

Refinance Loans

We originate Interest Rate Reduction Loans to help Veterans reduce the interest rate on their mortgage loan.

Quick Approvals

We typically underwrite mortgage loans in 24-48 hours. We are fast, we set deadlines and we stick to them. We work hard to help our clients get their mortgage loans.

Professional Service

We strive to go out of the way to ensure a positive consumer experience. We ensure we deliver when it comes to helping our clients grow their business.

We Order Your COE

We will help order your Certificate of Eligibility (COE) The COE is the main document from the Veterans Administration give the lender the entitlement amounts and status.

Low Fees

When originating a Veteran Mortgage loan the fees can be substantially different from one bank to the next. Low fees are an important factor when using your veteran benefits

Available On Weekends

Out loan officer try to be available for our clients around the clock. We commonly work on the weekend and if you need that pre-approval late on a Sunday give us a call.

Fun Friendly Staff

Get help from some of the the funnest bunch of mortgage bankers on the planet. Let us help find find the best loan products to meet your individual needs.