VA Cash Out Loans- Refinances For Veterans

Va Cash Out Loans, Veteran Cash Out Loans

VA Cash Out Loans


The VA Cash Out Loan program allows a Veteran complete a VA Cash Out Refiance Loan to borrow up to 100% of their home’s value with a VA cash out refinance.   Veteran’s may want want to pull cash out of their homes for a number of reasons, and are able to take advantage of a cash out loan when it makes financing sense to do so.   Many Veterans have consolidated debt, opened businesses, purchase additional properties, and paid for a number of different items with a VA Cash Out Loan.    With the VA Cash Out Loan A Veteran can turn the equity in their home into cash.

A Veteran can use the VA Cash Out loan to refiance many different loan types, the first loan on the property does not actually have to be a Veteran Loan to take advantage of the low rates the VA program offer.   A qualified veteran can refinance an USDA, Conventional, FHA, Veteran Loan, or whatever regardless of loan type.

A Veteran Cash Out Loan can really help a person that is carrying credit card debt as well if the borrower looks to refinance a loan and wipe out their high interest credit cards with a much lower rate through a VA Refinance Loan.


Take for an examples lets say we have a client has the following scenario

The Current Market Value is at $300,000
Current Mortgage is for $225,000
The Interest rate is at 4.5%
With 26 Years Left of a 30 year term
The Current Payment For Principle And Interest is $1,182.82  the taxes and insurance are $274 a moth the total payment is $1,456.82
The clients also had 30,000 in credit card debt and the minimum monthly payment added up to be $974.00 per month.
The clients also had a car loan at 8% interest at 553.00/month at 30k owed

Lets Look At Monthly Cash Flow

$1,456.82 PITI
974.00 Total Other Debt
533.00 Car Payment
$2,963.52 Total Cash Out Each And Every Month


Now lets propose what it would look like to consolidate the debt with a VA Cash Out Loan and put all of the debt onto one payment.  

The Current Market Value is at $300,000
New Proposed Mortgage $300,000
New Interest Rate-  (Lets Say The Rate Even Went Up to a 4.625%
Lets Add $5,000 For Closings Costs
And Event The Highest VA Funding Fee For Subsequent Use at 3.3%   $9,405
New 30 year term
No Other Debt- We pay off the car, and the 30k in credit card debt.
So even with financing closing costs and the VA Funding fees the total monthly Payment would be at 1,542.42 plus the Taxes and insurance of 274=  for a total payment of $1,816.42

$2,963.52-$1,816.42 .  The Va Cash Out Loan Saves A Ton Of Money Overall . $1,147.10

So after paying off all debts, consolidating all debts to one monthly payment the new payment would save the veteran $1,147.10 a month just in minimum monthly payments.

If that extra $1,147.10 was reapplied to the principle of the loan each and every month, then the person could be debt free in 12 years.   We took screen shoot of bank rates amortization chart below to show what it would look like to let your money work for you much hard then it it is right now.   In this scenario if we did a cash out refiance loan even though the interest rate is going up, and there was closing costs, and fees, the loan still dramatically increase the clients cash flow.  The clients could be completely debt free by November 2o30 if the loan was originated in August 0f 2018.   If they stick where they are at they would be until wont even have the house paid off until August 2043, and who knows if they can ever get out of the credit hole they dug into.    That basically knocks off nearly 12 years worth of payment and interest.

If you as an individual want us to run your particular scenario to see if a cash out loan is right for you go ahead and start now.  

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Veteran Home Loans Vs Conventional Vs FHA Loans- Which Mortgage Loan Is Better?

Veteran Home Loans VS Conventional Loans VS FHA Loans



Loan Type VA Loan Conventional Loan FHA Loan
Minimum Down Payment 0% 3% 3.5%
Mortgage Insurance NO YES YES
Funding Fee Yes No No
Interest Rates Typically a bit lower then conventional Standard Rates Typically lower than conventional
Typically Minimum Fico 580 620 580
DTI Restrictions Typically Higher   Rations Allowed For Some Lenders Industry Standard Typically Higher   Rations Allowed For Some Lenders
Difficulty To Qualify Easier On Lower Credit Individuals & First Time Buyers Industry Standard Easier On Lower Credit Individuals & First Time Buyers


The Main Difference In These Different Loan Types Are Down Payment Amounts, Mortgage Insurance, Qualification Processes, And Interest Rates.


Veteran Home Loans 

0% Down
Veteran Loans are one of the best 0% down home loans available on the market today.

No Mortgage Insurance 
VA Home Loans are backed by the Federal US Government so they they do not require a
monthly Mortgage Insurance Payment. Instead VA Mortgage can have a one time
funding fee which is far less than other MI options typically, Va Funding Fees are also typically
waived with any service related disability with a service related disability of deemed 10% or more

Easier To Qualify Many times mortgage lenders and brokers can help clients with credit score down around a 580 FICO for Veteran Home Loans.  Because the US Government backs the loan they can be easy to qualify for as well.  Lots of traditional banks and financial institutions could be in the range of 620-660 even as a minimum FICO score.

Competitive Interest Rates
The VA backing the VA loans makes these loans favorable to banks, so many times VA loans
rates will typically be less expensive then Conventional Loans.



Conventional Loans

Mortgage Insurance Required
PMI or Private Mortgage Insurance is required on all loans unless you put the minimum 20%
down. With a conventional loan if you are putting anything less down than 20% down you will be forced to have mortgage insurance on the loan.   

Up to 3%- 20% Down
Conventional mortgage loans generally require down payments that can reach up to 20% to secure a home loan if you want to avoid mortgage insurance.

Industry Standard Qualifications
Conventional Loans have stricter qualification processes and require borrowers to a be a bit better qualified to get a favorable rates and terms . Minimum credit scores are typical around 620.

Higher Rates Than VA Loans
Without government backing, banks are taking on more risk which, in turn, can result in a less-competitive interest rate on your home loan.


FHA Home Loans 

3.5% Down
Veteran Loans are one of the best 0% down home loans available on the market today.

Mandatory Mortgage Insurance For Life Of The Loan
All FHA Mortgage loans now require mortgage insurance regardless of the amount of the down payment on the house.  FHA loans typically have an Upfront Mortgage Insurance as well as a monthly payment that is on the loan for the life of the loan.

Easier To Qualify Many times lenders and brokers can help clients with credit score down around a 580 FICO for FHA. Lots of traditional banks and financial institutions could be in the range of 620-660 even as a minimum FICO score. These loans are better for first time home buyers, and individuals with less than perfect credit.

Competitive Interest Rates
The FHA interest rates are typically better the conventional loans at most banks, you must check with your local loan originators to see what the rate difference will be between the FHA and Conventional.


Note we are not guaranteeing any information about Rates, Downpayment, Qualifications, Fees, Or a commitment to lend to get real answers book a consultation with a licensed VA home loan expert now.


VA Loans- Certificate Of Eligibility For Veterans (COE), Let Your Lender Do The Work…

Veteran House Loans- Certificate Of Eligibility CEO For Veterans- VA Loans

Even after you establish you are eligible for A Veteran Loan we will then need to help you order your Certificate Of Eligibility (CEO) from the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs.

  The COE verifies to the lender that you are eligible to take advantages of the Federal VA-backed Loan.   The Certificate Of Eligibility is your Golden Ticket to the VA Loan.    The COE will also show the lender if you have ever used and/or restored previous eligibility, if you are exempt from the VA Funding Fee due to a service related disability, what branch of military, and if you allotted the full amount of eligibility. will help guide you through the entire process so you don’t need to worry about getting this document on your own, unless we can’t get it from a quick electronic request.   Most prospective borrowers and lenders can get the Certificate of Eligibility in a matter of minutes, in some rare cases or with common names, etc, or uncommon ones, we may have to order the CEO to be mailed which can be a 2-4 week process.   Getting the COE online will be our task to get you approved to purchase or refiance a home just as quick as possible.  If you are not ready to get an amazing lender like Veteran to help, Veterans and Service men and women can obtain their COE on their own by visiting the E-Benefits Site or you can visit your local VA office to see if they can order it for you.   When working with its not necessary as we will help you through the entire process from application to the funding table we will ensure its a smooth easy process. Veterans working with a Mortgage Loan Officer will simply ask the Loan Officer to order the Certificate Of Eligibility, we will have our dedicate loan processing staff pull it for you right away to ensure you are eligible. will get the information back to you promptly.  Since is an Approved Va Lender we ensure your are eligible for your loan and do the preliminary work to ensure your offer will stick or your refinance goes off with a hitch.  Many time we are still able to issue a pre-approval letter even before we have the Certificate of Eligibility, but if we are in a sensitive situation or where the COE is required we will work hard to ensure we have it, your income documentation, assets, and other documentation in order to get ensure a smooth process. If you are looking to go ahead and apply now      

Va Loans- Veteran House Loans

VA Loans- Advantages of The Federal VA Home Loan Program To Serve Our Brave

Since the creation of the Federal VA Home Loan Program over 22 million people have taken advantage of the loan program and purchased a home.   There are still a lot of Veterans that don’t know the true values of the Federal VA Home Loan Program, is here to help educate our Veterans on the best loan products to meet their individual needs whether its though the VA loan program or a traditional or non-traditional fashion.

Top Advantages Of The Federal VA Loan Program And 

  1.  The borrowers can purchase a home with a Zero Down, Down Payment.  If they get the sellers to help with the closing costs the Veteran can get into the house with minimal money out of pocket.
  2. VA Loan don’t have Private Mortgage Insurance or PMI, instead of PMI the VA Loans can have a one time upfront financed VA Funding Fee.  The VA Funding Fee can be waived if deemed over 10% disabled from a service related disability and are in good standings with the Veterans Administration.  We can Check Your Eligibility Now.  
  3. Sellers can contribute up to 4% of the purchase price towards your closing costs-  They can help with Escrow Fees, Origination Fees, Title Fees, Impounds, and More.
  4. Fees are checked are regulated by Veterans Administration.
  5. VA loans typically have lower interest rates than conventional financing.
  6. The VA loans can help consolidate debt and reduce your monthly outflow of cash and interest.
  7. You can use your VA loan more than one time as long as you have restored your eligibility.
  8. You kept us safe now its our turn to keep you safe for the bankers…
  9. If the Federal VA Home Loan Program is not right for you we will get you into the right loan product as we are a full service bank.

Veteran House We Just Launched Our New Site.

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